Getting your Skin ready for the Winter

Getting your Skin ready for the Winter

In the seemingly endless sci-fi B- movie that is Covid19, when masks are mandatory, stress is at an all-time high and lots of us are working from home with the central heating on blast, skin is susceptible to a handful of bugbears, from winter maskne [from wearing face masks, new one on us] to eczema. To cap it off winter is not the most energetic of the seasons, bit gloomy and it can be especially harsh here in N.Ireland. The rain and the wind not only dampen your mood, they can cause a bit of havoc on your skin and hair as well. If there’s ever a season to look after yourself, then it’s definitely winter, getting your skin ready for the Winter is a must do.

What kept your skin happy during summers can make it sad during winters

When the cold weather hits, out come our winter coats, trusty ankle boots and heavy-duty skincare. Whether you’re swapping your foaming cleanser for a hydrating version or factoring in an ultra nourishing moisturiser, it really does pay to tweak your skincare routine to combat the elements. The good news is you don’t have to spend hours pampering your skin or throw money at expensive products and treatments to look good. There are great natural winter care beauty products out there that help you maintain a radiant and healthy skin no matter the weather.

Getting your Skin ready for the Winter with a suitable Moisturiser

Moisturising your skin is always important but it’s definitely a crucial part of your beauty regime in the winter. The problem is the dry and harsh air that will put your skin under more stress – you’re constantly going from cold air to hot indoors air. What many people get wrong is they assume the same moisturiser they use in the summer to also work in the winter. This is often not the case but you need to opt for something more moisturising even if your skin is slightly on the oily side.

There are plenty of good moisturisers out there, one of our favourites is Belenos Sea Buckthorn Cream, Gentle, an ultra-nourishing moisturiser which can be used as a day cream night cream or under make-up or maybe Tropics Skin Feast, see in store.

winter skincare @ beyoutifiGetting your Skin ready for the Winter Protecting Serum

Another way of adding moisture to your skin and protecting it from the elements is with a serum. Serums come in all shapes and sizes – they can help with targeted problems such as dimples or dark circles under the eyes or help you keep your skin looking radiant and young.

For this winter season we have no hesitation in recommending Belenos Repair Serum, a consistent best seller, pure luxurious potion designed to help with mature + damaged skin.  Deeply moisturising it loves all skin types,  mature, sun-damaged and acne-scarred skin.

Getting your Skin ready for the Winter with a Purifying Cleanser

Your face will have to deal with a lot during winter months. You’ve probably indulging in a lot of tasty (yet sugary!) treats over Christmas and perhaps even drank a few extra glasses of mulled wine prosecco . The air is filled with different types of toxins and pollution and your poor skin has to deal with all of this. It’s important to pay attention to your cleanser and to pick something that really gets to those pores and removes all the dead skin and dirt from your face.

However, you can’t pick a cleanser that’s too harsh. Your skin is going through a lot in these months so you need something gentle but purifying. We think options to consider would be the fabulous Belenos Clay Cleansing Melt, fantastic for grime and even stubborn make-up but will leave your skin soft and clean. Maybe Tropics award winning Smoothing Cleanser, which you can sample instore or the ever popular Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm, amazing all rounder, will remove make-up and cleanse without stripping those vital natural oils and will improve skin hydration all day long.

Soothing Lip Balm

The harsh weather conditions can cause havoc on your lips. If you are a regular user of lipstick and your lipsticks don’t have a moisturising effect, you might find them peeling and cracking during the winter. A good, soothing lip balm with all natural ingredients of course is a good idea to help your lips feel and look healthier.

Relaxing and Warming Mask

Now, you do need a bit of pampering during winter, your health and well being doesn’t just involve your skin and as the weather can be dull the nights dark, the summer seems so far away so maybe once a week this little gem could be added to your regime – Spacemask, available as singles/boxes in store


Follow A Daily Skin Care Routine. It doesn’t need to be complicated. Here’s a very basic and simple skin care routine that you’re all probably familiar with to keep their skin happy during the winter. Cleanse your skin once or twice a day, preferably in the morning and before going to bed. After washing your face in the morning, apply your moisturiser to lock the moisture in. And at night, moisturise again as your overnight cream. This should be done on damp skin because just-washed skin absorbs moisture better.


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