Christmas Cracker Diffuser by Chelsea Candle


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100ml : A Christmassy name for a subtle but special scent for your home, the Christmas Cracker Diffuser by Chelsea Candle is a light and delicate aroma of green leaves with a hint of citrus and fruity tones. This high quality reed diffusers has been hand poured in the home counties and is contained in an elegant glass diffuser. Whether displayed in your lounge, positioned in the hallway or used to freshen up the bathroom, this Christmas cracker scented diffuser subtly transforms any space you choose.


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All their products, including the Christmas Cracker Diffuser by Chelsea Candle, are hand poured in a Kent studio, using high quality fragrance and essential oils. Only natural ingredients and sustainably sourced packaging are used, event the majority of the vessel range are handmade by local designers. Each one has been designed to be used in your home long after the candle has been burnt, no matter your décor style, we have a candle to suit your home.

Get the most from your Christmas Cracker Diffuser by Chelsea Candle:

Be Realistic

Every reed diffuser has the amount of the aromatic content intended for a room of a specified size. A larger bottle with longer reeds means you can hold them in a larger room. But keep in mind that the fragrance has the highest intensity right where it comes from. So, for a more intense scent for larger areas, a better solution is a few smaller scented bottles strategically arranged.

Position Wisely

In the house, you should place one reed diffuser at the entrance. Whoever enters your home and smells the refreshing aroma, will feel welcome. As for other spaces, reed diffusers should stand somewhere where there is good air circulation. Avoid placing them under the air conditioner or near the open window. The smell will evaporate quickly. You won’t get a whiff of the aroma inside the room.

Turn the Reeds

The consistency of the bottle’s content is oily because the stick will absorb this liquid more slowly. Unlike fragrance water, aromatic oils will diminish gradually and will not evaporate when the heat is high. It would be best if you do this every few days so that one end of the stick does not absorb too much oil. Also, dust may collect at the end of the reeds, which will prevent the oil from evaporating.

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