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  • Belenos Skin Botanique Monoi Body Butter


    Thousand Petals.
    A beautiful blend of Tahitian Gardenia and Jasmine with skin softening shea butter + virgin coconut oil.  Our rich exotic body butter is formulated to soften + smooth with intense moisture, leaving skin feeling amazing and lightly scented.
  • Belenos Skin Botanique Sea Buckthorne Cream

    60ml – THE BRIGHT ONE

    Fragranced with pure uplifting Tangerine and Mandarin essential oil . This Gentle, ultra-nourishing moisturiser which can be used as a day cream night cream or under make-up. Suitable for delicate sensitive skins which can help as an anti-redness treatment associated with rosacea

    Sea Buckthorn oil with copious amounts of  Beta-Carotene, Anti-Oxidants and Carotenoid which can help prevent premature aging which will delay sagging skin and smooth out existing fine lines and wrinkles.

    Rosehip Seed oil which is a skin loving oil which has a range of fatty acids and high amounts of Vitamin A and E, essential for cell rejuvenation and tissue regeneration.

    Maracuja oil – Packed with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which makes ideal for protecting the skin against free radical damage and keeping it youthful. .By supplementing skin with pure maracuja oil, you are infusing life back into dull skin

  • Belenos Skin Botanique Clay Cleansing Melt/Balm

    120ml – Will cleanse + exfoliate so no need for 2 products when 1 will do

    Melt away dirt, grime and even stubborn make-up to leave your skin soft and clean. A balm of pink clay shea avocado + argan butters to nourish + protect whilst lavender + Elemi essential oil comforts + calms. A clay cleansing balm that gently cleanses while leaving skin soft and supple. Our plant based balm melts into a silky oil texture on contact with the skin to sweep away stubborn makeup, debris and impurities.

    Suitable for men and women and all skin types including oily and dry skin.