Every day is a tanning sort of day

Glowing Skin

A tan doesn't just look healthy, glowing and youthful, it makes you feel great too and of course a spray tan offers a safe alternative to sitting out in the sun.


A salon tan isn't just a guarantee you'll have a perfect, long lasting, natural looking tan. It's also a lovely pampering treat, perfect for making you feel as good as you look.

You will receive professional advice on which treatment will give you the best, most natural looking tan, offering a variety of grades to suit all skin tones.


beYOUtifi female-spray-tan

With a BeYOUtifi tan you can be confident that your entire body is covered with product, resulting in a balanced, even-looking tan. A tan in the sun you will almost always have tan lines or marks on the skin because of your clothing.


beYOUtifi Tan Legs

The BeYOUtifi tan range has a natural looking shade for every skin tone. Want a richer tan? Choose a darker product. Want to accentuate your features or highlight certain areas? With a BeYOUtifi spray tan it really couldn't be simpler.


beYOUtifi glowing-skin

Gorgeously glowing skin looks amazing and when you look like a million dollars on the outside you’ll feel fantastic on the inside. Put a spring into your step!


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Spray tanning products are formulated with a host of moisturising, natural ingredients, such as Aloe Vera and cocoa butter, keeping your skin hydrated.

Do something for YOU, get your glow on