Spraytan Factsheet

Spraytan Factsheet

What can I expect from my beYOUtifi spray tan treatment?

Your tan results will depend on how well you tan naturally. The darker you tan in the sun, the darker you will tan with a beYOUtifi tan. Many people like to have a bespoke tan, so it’s lighter in the winter months, darker in the summer.

Your tan can last anything up to 10 days depending on your daily skincare regime, lifestyle and if you have exfoliated well prior to your tan. A spraytan fades just like a tan from the sun – so as your skin sheds dead cells, your tan will fade, so it is really important to moisturise daily. Our therapists will help you customise your ideal tan and provide you with a free consultation.

Before the session

  • The day before you come in for your spray tan please do as follows to help get an amazing tanning result:
  • Remove dead skin cells by doing a full body exfoliation. We can provide a exfoliating body polish if required.
  • Shave/wax. This gives time for the pores to close so prevents tanning solution sitting in the open pores making dots.
  • We recommend wearing dark, loose clothing after you have had your tan or we can provide a range of tan protection clothing

Please do not:

  • Apply deodorants or perfumes as these prevent the absorption of the tanning solution
  • Do not use moisturiser’s on the day of your tan as they can act as a barrier to the solution
  • For those who prefer to avoid the tanning booth for personal or health reasons, there’s no reason why you can’t rock the sun-kissed appearance with a healthy spray tan. The spray tan process is relatively simple and involves the application of a gentle chemical onto the skin. This chemical sits on the top layer of your skin, coating it in a lovely glow.

With the right care and preparation, your spray tan can last anything up to 10 days.

Organic Spraytan @ beyoutifiSimilar to the methods required before using sunbeds, you must ensure that you shave and exfoliate 24 hours before a spray tan to remove any dead cells from your body. This eliminates any streaking and helps the tan to last longer. Focus particularly on your elbows, knees, ankles and feet. After exfoliating, apply a moisturiser and leave it to soak into the skin. This leaves your skin soft and nourished before your appointment.

On the day of your appointment have a shower to wash away any traces of deodorant moisturiser. Do not reapply moisturiser or put on deodorant as they may contain chemicals which cause patches or streaks.

Dress in loose, baggy clothing to prevent the tan from rubbing off and have a quick consultation with your therapist to help choose the perfect shade. Colours range from a natural glow, to a much darker shade so you are able to customise the perfect colour for you. For your first spray tan, opt for a more natural colour as this offers a subtle glow. However, the choice of shade is ultimately yours.

You will be asked to undress and given disposable underwear to slip into. However, if you’re a little shy, you can bring your own. In a private treatment room, the spray tan procedure involves standing inside a cubicle whilst a therapist sprays you with the tan. The colour may look very dark initially, however this is simply an indicator so they therapist knows what areas have been sprayed.

After the tan has dried, dress in your dark baggy clothes and leave the tan underneath to set. This normally takes around 8 hours but avoid chlorinated water or the gym for 24 hours afterwards. Once your tan has developed, you’ll look and feel amazing!

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